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Moving Forward

The Higher Education Committee of 50

Meet the Members

Who We Are

Holding memberships with more than 140 other higher education-related professional associations, the Higher Education Committee of 50 - or "Forward50" is a group of forward-thinking campus leaders tasked with developing policy solutions that will help surmount obstacles preventing students from enrolling in, paying for, and graduating from college.

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) was awarded a grant to convene this group. Learn more.

Get to Know the Forward50: Students

No committee focused on improving higher education would be complete without the student perspective. Two students joining the Forward50 are Taylor Dumpson of American University and Benjamin Rice of Louisiana Tech University. As a student leader at American University, Dumpson said she has dedicated her undergraduate experience to advocating and advancing the voices of her peers, and Rice said he wants "to do [his] part to make sure that other students around the country feel more secure financially when it comes to college."

Get to Know the Forward50: Faculty

Professors Victoria Bowman of Mercer County Community College and Jeffrey Sun of the University of Louisville joined the Forward50 because they believe that supporting students in higher education goes beyond the classroom. Victoria said that by “keeping abreast of current issues and events in higher education” she can anticipate her students’ needs and help them over barriers to success. Jeffrey said he was inspired to join the committee because “this group design feature will likely lead to meaningful interactions and debates that will further my understanding of higher education and the system within which it operates.”